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Tips for getting the most out of counselling:

1. Know that it is ok to seek help - the most successful people in life are the ones who step out of their comfort zone.

2. Feeling confused and not knowing what to say - or feeling like you have too much to say - is absolutely normal. The key is deciding to try.

3. Acknowledge that it takes courage to reach out - it is an important first step.

4. Feel free to ask questions and give feedback to your counsellor when things are going right, and when something feels off.

5. Try to be curious about your situation and be open to questioning your judgements, assumptions, beliefs, and perceptions.

6. Many things in life are pretty serious, but always make time to include some fun, and to notice the light-hearted stuff as well. 

7. Living well is not a destination, it is a journey.  So, practice gratitude, kindness, compassion, and connection, because it is these things that make wonderful memories along the way!





Services offered through Living Well Counselling Services

 My practice consists of incorporating interventions that cater to your specific needs.  Since each person is unique, it is crucial to avoid trying to fit a person, or their challenges, into one or two specific theories.  Instead, I draw from various scientifically based approaches and adapt them to your circumstances.  My professional focus is on helping adults and youth struggling with mental health challenges, and I specialize in trauma, addictions, couples, and family therapy. 


*** I offer both in-person and virtual counselling services.  E-counselling is done via telephone or through a secure telehealth platform.  I use which is much like Skype, and is HIPPA compliant. *** 


The following is a list of topics I often help clients with:

Chronic Pain/Illness                             Addictions – Substance/Behavioral

Trauma                                                    Relapse Prevention

Loneliness and Isolation                       OCD

General and Social Anxiety                  Depression

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder           Mood Disorders

Grief  and Loss                                       Suicidality

Life Transitions                                      Relationship Difficulties

Marriage Preparation                           Spiritual Struggles

Codependency                                      Low Self-Esteem   

Anger Management                             Low Self-Worth  

Bullying                                                 Fear of Failure

Low Motivation                                   Body Image Issues     


Office Location: 13375 Shoreline Drive, Lake Country BCOffice Location: 13375 Shoreline Drive, Lake Country BC